Marianna Wekow



Marianna spent 35 years in the financial services industry. She served financial advisors seeking tohelp their clients reach retirement savings and income goals. Marianna provided expertise on investment products such as Mutual Funds, Annuities, Long Term Care and Life Insurance.

Shortly after retiring from Wall Street, Marianna realized her closest friends nearing retirement had many questions and concerns about how to navigate Medicare. Questions like, when do I sign up? Do I have to sign up? What does it cover? What are my options? How much does it cost?  Who and where do I go for guidance?  Marianna enjoyed serving clients to reach retirement goals and decided she could continue to help people by providing expertise in Medicare and still assist in protecting their retirement savings with Annuities and Life Insurance.

Marianna serves on Monmouth County Woman’s Initiative Team (WIT) committee.  WIT is dedicated to helping and recognizing women in business, those who serve their communities and government. In her spare time, Marianna enjoys spending time with friends and family, OrangeTheory gym, golfing, hiking, cycling, traveling and reading on the beach.

Phone 7327352070